Renaissance Master Series: Dave Seaman

21 Oct

After a period of closure, English label Renaissance returns to the scene with another Master Series, this time remixed by the label’s old friend Dave Seaman. The new series will host a release party in London on november 4th and plans to recreate the ambience of Renaissance’s parties at The Cross, this time at bohemian Shoreditch. Revivals, already?

The double CD follows the same success formula of previous products from the brand, delivering a first volume in a lighter vibe and the second one a bit more heavy on the beat-sphere. About the mix, the label shows variety on picking tracks and familiarity on choosing Seaman: “Dave has long been a favourite of Renaissance and his previous contributions to the series have been amongst the most popular and best, so we were very pleased that he agreed to take up the reins once more. He uses those years of experience to deliver, over two discs, a defining chapter in his illustrious career; both in track selection and execution. Introducing tracks from a variety of electronic sub-­‐genres and editing most of them specifically for the CD, Dave is able to create a spellbinding and sometimes surprising mix.”

Click on the album cover for more info:

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