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Torquato & Boghosian EP

21 Nov

Pitchpie proudly presents an album that was born in Brazil and made entirely by DJs and producers André Torquato & Paulinho Boghosian. Osunlade was the Executive Producer of this amazing work, worthy of our best critics. The tracks are being sold at Beatport and iTunes Store.

A little something about it:

Yoruba Records proudly presents Torquato & Boghosian. The first full length project from Torquato, this time alongside his newfound partner in crime, Boghosian. Since the success of the Niente Ep release, the two hailing from Brazil decided to create a full length to express the soulful, spitirual, artistic expression and love of african percussion and old school house mixed with more modern electronic timbres and vocals which at times are mere whispers, at times poems. With this project the duo went deep into their influences from deep house to world music in the attempt to translate their musical roots of brazil and beyond. We hope get in touch with the innermost and intimate feelings this album transmits to the soul.


Renaissance Master Series: Dave Seaman

21 Oct

After a period of closure, English label Renaissance returns to the scene with another Master Series, this time remixed by the label’s old friend Dave Seaman. The new series will host a release party in London on november 4th and plans to recreate the ambience of Renaissance’s parties at The Cross, this time at bohemian Shoreditch. Revivals, already?

The double CD follows the same success formula of previous products from the brand, delivering a first volume in a lighter vibe and the second one a bit more heavy on the beat-sphere. About the mix, the label shows variety on picking tracks and familiarity on choosing Seaman: “Dave has long been a favourite of Renaissance and his previous contributions to the series have been amongst the most popular and best, so we were very pleased that he agreed to take up the reins once more. He uses those years of experience to deliver, over two discs, a defining chapter in his illustrious career; both in track selection and execution. Introducing tracks from a variety of electronic sub-­‐genres and editing most of them specifically for the CD, Dave is able to create a spellbinding and sometimes surprising mix.”

Click on the album cover for more info:

Cassius – The Sound of Violence (remixes)

23 Aug

Featuring the album Au Rêve, “The Sound of Violence” was first released in 2002 by french duo Cassius, also known by the monikas Philipe Zdar and Boom Bass. Claiming to have made over 400 remixes, the track is one of their singles to reach number one in the United States dance charts and one of those songs you get stuck in your head for a while once you hear it, combining early 00’s electropop elements to Cassius’ black music influences.

As the retromania grows amongst us, the series of remixes gets full attention on beatport and asured place in yours truly, the pitchpie selection. The song’s original remake and the eclectic pack of remixes go from Fedde LeGrand to Luciano, also featuring reggae and dubstep mixes. You can download the whole thing by clicking right here. Want to check it out first? There it goes:


Damian Lazarus finds Get Lost 4

11 Aug

Besides being the classic DJ/producer duo, he is mostly known for being Crosstown Rebels’ trendy label big boss. Also, he mixed one of my favourite Fabric Series albums. Damian Lazarus is a massive name when it comes to house music nowadays. Now, he releases the 4th in the Get Lost DJ Mix series. This double vinyl sampler features five of the unreleased tracks made exclusively for this album. What i liked the most is the diversity : is features exclusive tracks from Chillean Techno heroine Dinky, to Berlin Legend Acid Paul, Barraca Music Dana Ruh, Guti’s cohort Shiva and Lithuanian groovesters Mario & Vidis.

The Get Lost series attempts to capture the magic of Crosstown’s own Get Lost parties on CD. Previous Get Lost series featured albums by Jamie Jones & Dinky. Jamie’s had good reviews as usual. Have a listen:



Art Department “The Drawing Board”

6 Jun

Kenny Glasgow and Johnny White despite being close friends and stalwarts in the Toronto electronic music scene for years, had not joined forces in the studio until only as recently as 2009, when Damian Lazarus called on them to remix Riz MC for his prestigious Crosstown Rebels Label. The result was an entirely new sound that drew cues from the best of both artists. It was a futuristic and raw, synth-driven, underground masterpiece, the start of a new idea and the birth of Art Department.

The latest album from the canadian deep house duo, The Drawing Board, features 11 tracks wich you can preview right here, right now. Enjoy:


Full Album Stream: Arctic Monkeys “Suck It And See”

30 May

No big secret that I’m a massive Arctic Monkeys fan. Suck It And See is their fourth album, released this past week and available on iTunes for purchase. I’ve been listening to this for hours and, honestly, I don’t know… I liked it a lot but maybe I’ve had enough of their style, maybe I like their punk side better than this slightly 80’s movies soundtrack’s commercial pop-rock. Makes me wonder if Matt Helders is still on the drums, which has always been one of the most unique characteristics of the band to me. The first released single “Brick By Brick” is def my favourite. While the album title song and most of the others like “Piledriver waltz” and “She’s Thunderstorms” are nice and calm ballads (for Arctic Monkeys style, of course), there’s still some dirty tunes: go for “Library Pictures” and check it out. While you’re there, see if you could agree with me that “All My Own Stunts” is the perfect synthesis of the band, shall you?

Great album, after all.

Enough with the chatting, let’s get ourselves into this… click on the image to listen to the full album on stream:


Todd Terje “Ragysh” EP

14 Apr

Since his fantastic debut with house-friendly disco ‘Eurodans’ in 2004, Norwegian producer Terje Olsen has made quite a difference in the space-future disco scene. I wonder if the mustache has something to do with it… you can learn a bit more about his disco work here.

Rated 4 1/2 by Resident Advisor (probably the highest they ever rated an album before) Ragysh EP was released by Running Back Records, in early april. The compilation features 4 tracks, which you can preview at Juno.

The great part is that I fell in love with two of them, and those you can listen and download directly from PitchPie’s soundcloud, and you are very much welcome:


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