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Cassius – The Sound of Violence (remixes)

23 Aug

Featuring the album Au Rêve, “The Sound of Violence” was first released in 2002 by french duo Cassius, also known by the monikas Philipe Zdar and Boom Bass. Claiming to have made over 400 remixes, the track is one of their singles to reach number one in the United States dance charts and one of those songs you get stuck in your head for a while once you hear it, combining early 00’s electropop elements to Cassius’ black music influences.

As the retromania grows amongst us, the series of remixes gets full attention on beatport and asured place in yours truly, the pitchpie selection. The song’s original remake and the eclectic pack of remixes go from Fedde LeGrand to Luciano, also featuring reggae and dubstep mixes. You can download the whole thing by clicking right here. Want to check it out first? There it goes:


Duran Duran’s “All You Need Is Now” produced by Mark Ronson

13 Dec

I gotta say, I have absolutelly no authority to talk about Duran Duran. They’re definatelly not from my time. But I know they have already reached Billboard’s 1st place many many times when I was a baby, so everything new about them in 2010 would probably be a huge buzz. And if you add this buzz to the strength of Mark Ronson’s name, you have a big launch party in the media room, hosted to a far larger public. It’s nice that Duran Duran is trying yet another comeback (first reunion happened in 2004 with the album “Astronaut” but it didn’t get quite there. Actually not even close), but I’m posting this because of Mark Ronson. I just love the personality of his songs. And I think this MIGHT HAVE BEEN an attempt to make Duran Duran cool again. Will it happen? Guess not, but let’s see how our mad market may surprise us. Maybe my mom will like this. I’ll send it to her later.

Finally, here’s the single from Duran Duran’s 13th album “All You Need Is Now”:

And here’s a highlight from the album, “Safe”, feat. Ana Matronic from “Scissor Sisters”. This one has a lot of Mark’s groovy influences and more melody as well:

Ronson added this review on his twitter page from PopMatters, saying that the whole album “looks like they’re having fun”. Cool, let’s hear it. Talk to you guys later.

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