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Friendly Fires – Hurting (Benoit & Sergio remix)

16 Sep

It is time for BS: Benoit and Sergio – who gave these letters, when put together, a whole different perspective. They’re my new favourite thing in the world other than cheese bread, and this remix is simply enlightening, adding an unnusual disco-ish feeling to Friendly Fires’ great track.

Ch-check it out:

You can download it here!



Introducing: Jamie XX

2 Jun

Two years ago, a timid and somehow revolutionary band has been presented to the world and loved by many: criticals, rockers, electronic music fans, post-punkers and even many people who have never been that much into music. And the most unusual – or, maybe, the major key to its success – is that it wasn’t one of those built-up bands brought to the music scene by famous producers or Hollywood agents: it was simply an East London duo who managed to express something pretty and different than everyone was used to listen, a melody so simple, touching and minimalistic that nobody saw it comming. Indeed I’m talking about The XX.

But not only the band was a great surprise, the major responsible for its musicality has also turned out to be something special. At age 22, Jamie XX is having a time of his life making music like never seen before. His name as a DJ has been acknowledged throughout Europe and his latest album with (recently deceased) rapper Gil Scott-Heron has taken him to another level of being a music persona, now more than ever. Jamie Smith has given this enlightening interview for Clash Magazine, where somehow you can start wondering if a next musical revolution is about to be born in the UK.

Jamie is one of the known to be parents of this movement called post-dubstep, that has been the cause of major influences in the electronic music scene. You can get to knoy it better in this lovely tumblr but I’ll write more about it in a while…

Tomorrow is the official date for his latest single release “Far Nearer”, which you can pre-listen here:

Also, have a listen to his lates mix for BBC Radio here. Don’t be scared, this is just the breakthrough, things will make more sense in a while. That’s usually what happens. Excited? I know I am. Specially to find out The XX‘s next album is comming soon.


Maya Jane Coles “Focus Now” EP

13 May

There are very few artists who have made as much impact in such a short space of time as Maya Jane Coles.  At only 23 years old she has burst the deep house scene far beyond UK frontiers. The front cover of the latest Mixmag is a statement that the kiddo who was first known for her “Humming Bird” chill-out EP is providing the world the most amazing music. Her DJ sets are also pretty amazing, have a listen to this.

Having already released works of art on labels like Mobilee, Hypercolour, Crosstown Rebels, Defected and Real Tone, her newest EP is comming out this monday (may 16th) through 2020Vision records. Entitled “Focus Now” it features 4 tracks. My favourite is cool sexy “Spaceless” but here’s all four of them, so you can have your own pick. Enjoy:


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VIDEO – Siriusmo ‘Idiologie’

19 Apr

Moritz Friedrich, AKA Siriusmo, is one of electronic music’s more reclusive characters. He is, by all accounts, not a big fan of club culture and refuses to DJ live. A graffiti artist by trade, music plays second fiddle to Friedrich’s other pursuits—although he’s still a prolific producer with more than a dozen releases since 2000. He’s been releasing in Monkeytown Records, from german duo Modeselektor.

Here’s an amazing unnoficial video from Moritz’s latest release, “Idiologie”:


Cat’s Eyes – Cat’s Eyes

13 Apr

Girl + Guy bands will take over the world: The Ting Tings, Raveonettes, The XX, The Kills and She And Him are here to prove my point.

Starting just where The XX has stopped, Cat’s Eyes takes the combination of sweet girlie vocals and low male chords to another dimension. The introspective musicality and cozy atmosphere flirts with the new age, but 70’s garage rock shows personality in this massive independent new album. The duo is formed by Rachel Zaffira, who is an opera soprano, and Faris Badwan, vocalist from the band “The Horror”. Sounds like like The Cranberries met The Sunshine Underground at the end of the party. You can grab a free tune here.

Listen to the whole album preview:

The official video for last song of the album “IKnew It Was Over” was recorded at the Vatican. The track is a bit obscure but the images are fantastic:

Tks to Floga-se for the tip!


VIDEO – Martin Dawson ‘Is This Goodbye’

4 Apr

Also known as King Roc, Martin Dawson has just released Sunday Smoking, an impecable album of low-beat and deep house. Full of jazzy piano strings, soul, and unusual claps and kicks, it has that  something that makes me feel good about myself. Still I don’t know what it is so I’m listening to it all day long.

You know, trying to figure it out.

To illustrate, listen to ‘Is This Goodbye’:


… and preview the whole album here.

Thanks to Leo Andreazza.



Introducing: Lykke Li, The Swedish Inspiration

1 Apr

The Swedish singer and muse, aged 24, released her second album recently, where she shows no shame on being harsh, deep and broken-hearted.

Lykke Li is not only beautifully fierce, with her she-wolf piercing eyes, but also her powerful voice and personality have always indicated that she wouldn’t go through the usual celebrity female singer path. Her second album “Wounded Rhymes” (just click to listen to the whole thing) shows us that, very well indeed. A cold, yet familiar atmosphere sorrounds you when you start listening to the tracks, where the vocals are always shy and limited, most of times leaving the true warm feeling come from the drums, guitar and organ strings. Nothing like her first album, “Youth Novels” where she was just a feisty artist trapped in a built-in indie pop formula. Now she made it her own way and it’s pretty great. But this is not a review.

Since Lykke’s carreer started, she has been an inspiration to the independent scene and also to electronic music producers worldwide – that’s what makes me grow fonder on her. From Royksöpp to Buraka Som Sistema, lots of amazing producers use her vocals and also pieces of her songs to their productions. And this is 100% PitchPie material.

Have a listen:

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