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Cassius – The Sound of Violence (remixes)

23 Aug

Featuring the album Au Rêve, “The Sound of Violence” was first released in 2002 by french duo Cassius, also known by the monikas Philipe Zdar and Boom Bass. Claiming to have made over 400 remixes, the track is one of their singles to reach number one in the United States dance charts and one of those songs you get stuck in your head for a while once you hear it, combining early 00’s electropop elements to Cassius’ black music influences.

As the retromania grows amongst us, the series of remixes gets full attention on beatport and asured place in yours truly, the pitchpie selection. The song’s original remake and the eclectic pack of remixes go from Fedde LeGrand to Luciano, also featuring reggae and dubstep mixes. You can download the whole thing by clicking right here. Want to check it out first? There it goes:


Todd Terje “Ragysh” EP

14 Apr

Since his fantastic debut with house-friendly disco ‘Eurodans’ in 2004, Norwegian producer Terje Olsen has made quite a difference in the space-future disco scene. I wonder if the mustache has something to do with it… you can learn a bit more about his disco work here.

Rated 4 1/2 by Resident Advisor (probably the highest they ever rated an album before) Ragysh EP was released by Running Back Records, in early april. The compilation features 4 tracks, which you can preview at Juno.

The great part is that I fell in love with two of them, and those you can listen and download directly from PitchPie’s soundcloud, and you are very much welcome:




Cat’s Eyes – Cat’s Eyes

13 Apr

Girl + Guy bands will take over the world: The Ting Tings, Raveonettes, The XX, The Kills and She And Him are here to prove my point.

Starting just where The XX has stopped, Cat’s Eyes takes the combination of sweet girlie vocals and low male chords to another dimension. The introspective musicality and cozy atmosphere flirts with the new age, but 70’s garage rock shows personality in this massive independent new album. The duo is formed by Rachel Zaffira, who is an opera soprano, and Faris Badwan, vocalist from the band “The Horror”. Sounds like like The Cranberries met The Sunshine Underground at the end of the party. You can grab a free tune here.

Listen to the whole album preview:

The official video for last song of the album “IKnew It Was Over” was recorded at the Vatican. The track is a bit obscure but the images are fantastic:

Tks to Floga-se for the tip!


Cut Copy – Zonoscope

26 Feb

I’m such a huge Cut Copy fan that this release has almost passed by me. The thing is: some blogs are talking reviews, some are announcing the official release, and others are crazy about leaks so, really, I have no idea if this has been released or not. But who cares? Well, since the (ravishing) cover has been out last year, about september I guess, I’ve been craving to know more and more about the new album. They released a few tracks before the “grand opening” like Where I’m Going and Take Me Over, which didn’t impress me too much. Then I just sat back and waited for the release. But who would imagine it would be such a mess? Anyway, the aussie band has saved the best for last and despite some tracks aren’t that good, others ended up being incredible. Unlike their former work In Ghost Colors, Zonoscope‘s tracks don’t come together as a logical mixtape. Less electro and more groove combined with organic elements make Cut Copy’s “Uhhh Uhhh”s even greater!

As a gift, I uploaded my favorite tracks for you guys to download for free: the long and structured  Sun God and techno-ish Blink And You’ll Miss A Revolution. Don’t be selfish and share them with your buddies.

You can listen to the entire album here:



Eric Prydz In Concert – EP/IC

14 Dec

This is just an awesome name, right?

Eric Prydz, who also signs poductions as Pryda and Cyrez D, warned his twitter fans that an “epic” surprise was comming up on december 13th, which was followed by revealing the world première of his new concert, on April 22. Eric’s new show, called EP/IC has just been launched on the main channel for news nowadays, our dearest facebook. That’s also great market strategy, keeping things personal and fans closer.

Cool, so Eric’s got a new show, what’s in it for me? Now here’s the best part: if you sign up to receive Eric’s newsletters on his Official Facebook page, you will be allowed to download for FREE two of Mouseville’s tunes ih high quality, straight from the source. And this includes ALL of Eric’s, Pryda’s and Cyrez D’s tracks since the beggining. I’m still trying to choose wich ones to download, can you gimme a hand?

What are you waiting for?? Go to Eric Prydz on Facebook and greab your early Christmas present!

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