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Renaissance Master Series: Dave Seaman

21 Oct

After a period of closure, English label Renaissance returns to the scene with another Master Series, this time remixed by the label’s old friend Dave Seaman. The new series will host a release party in London on november 4th and plans to recreate the ambience of Renaissance’s parties at The Cross, this time at bohemian Shoreditch. Revivals, already?

The double CD follows the same success formula of previous products from the brand, delivering a first volume in a lighter vibe and the second one a bit more heavy on the beat-sphere. About the mix, the label shows variety on picking tracks and familiarity on choosing Seaman: “Dave has long been a favourite of Renaissance and his previous contributions to the series have been amongst the most popular and best, so we were very pleased that he agreed to take up the reins once more. He uses those years of experience to deliver, over two discs, a defining chapter in his illustrious career; both in track selection and execution. Introducing tracks from a variety of electronic sub-­‐genres and editing most of them specifically for the CD, Dave is able to create a spellbinding and sometimes surprising mix.”

Click on the album cover for more info:


Introducing: Jamie XX

2 Jun

Two years ago, a timid and somehow revolutionary band has been presented to the world and loved by many: criticals, rockers, electronic music fans, post-punkers and even many people who have never been that much into music. And the most unusual – or, maybe, the major key to its success – is that it wasn’t one of those built-up bands brought to the music scene by famous producers or Hollywood agents: it was simply an East London duo who managed to express something pretty and different than everyone was used to listen, a melody so simple, touching and minimalistic that nobody saw it comming. Indeed I’m talking about The XX.

But not only the band was a great surprise, the major responsible for its musicality has also turned out to be something special. At age 22, Jamie XX is having a time of his life making music like never seen before. His name as a DJ has been acknowledged throughout Europe and his latest album with (recently deceased) rapper Gil Scott-Heron has taken him to another level of being a music persona, now more than ever. Jamie Smith has given this enlightening interview for Clash Magazine, where somehow you can start wondering if a next musical revolution is about to be born in the UK.

Jamie is one of the known to be parents of this movement called post-dubstep, that has been the cause of major influences in the electronic music scene. You can get to knoy it better in this lovely tumblr but I’ll write more about it in a while…

Tomorrow is the official date for his latest single release “Far Nearer”, which you can pre-listen here:

Also, have a listen to his lates mix for BBC Radio here. Don’t be scared, this is just the breakthrough, things will make more sense in a while. That’s usually what happens. Excited? I know I am. Specially to find out The XX‘s next album is comming soon.


Maya Jane Coles “Focus Now” EP

13 May

There are very few artists who have made as much impact in such a short space of time as Maya Jane Coles.  At only 23 years old she has burst the deep house scene far beyond UK frontiers. The front cover of the latest Mixmag is a statement that the kiddo who was first known for her “Humming Bird” chill-out EP is providing the world the most amazing music. Her DJ sets are also pretty amazing, have a listen to this.

Having already released works of art on labels like Mobilee, Hypercolour, Crosstown Rebels, Defected and Real Tone, her newest EP is comming out this monday (may 16th) through 2020Vision records. Entitled “Focus Now” it features 4 tracks. My favourite is cool sexy “Spaceless” but here’s all four of them, so you can have your own pick. Enjoy:


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Seth Troxler Essential Mix 05.07.2011

9 May

Latest Essential Mix from May 7th, 2011. Special offer includes most of the tracklisting from this one-take mix recorded (I just love this) at Jamie Jones’ living room. Could Seth Troxler be any more creative?


Villa – April Mixes #1 #2

18 Apr

Belgium and its nu house/space disco scene makes me so jealous! Aeroplane (also the other half, The Magician), Vive La Fête and Villa are my favourite ones.

It was sometime in back end of 2010, when Villa started to tiptoe into their modest corner of the limelight. It was still a project into its growing pains. Originally rooted from the DJ partnership of Ghent duo Thang & Fredo, it wasn’t until the former spend some time in the home studio of his long-time buddy François Demeyer that the definite shape of Villa was drawn up. “Disco is at the core of Villa, but we don’t want to be confined by endless arpeggios and other cosmic trickery. There’s so much more sounds out there, endless shades of disco to toy with” says François. His cohort agrees: “Everything we put out there must have a heart, an organic groove, a soul; anything to make it hit you where it matters.”

Villa has given us a gift this month, uploading not only one, but two brand new mixes. My tip is: listen to #1 at work and #2 on a saturday night. Have some fun:


Foals Mix #2 – March 2011

24 Mar

Edwin Congreave from the Foals band, has released his latest dj mix. Disco orientated, the mix features Hercules & Love Affair, Azari & iii, Catz N’Dogz, Solomun and Foals, of course, in its pretty much amazing tracklist:

1. Demis Roussos – I Dig You (Todd Terje Housemix)
2. Richard Dorfmeister & Madrid De Los Austrias – Boogie No More (Reverso 68 Remix)
3. LCD Soundystem – Get Innocuous
4. Crystal Castles – Baptism (Rory Philips Remix)
5. Glossy – Burning Love
6. Foals – Miami (Tim Fuchs Remix ft. Flight Facilities)
7. Out Hud – It’s For You
8. Hercules & Love Affair – My House (Tensnake Remix)
9. Tom Trago – Lost In The Streets of NYC
10. Azari & III – Into The Night (Prince Language Remix)
11. Matthias Meyer & Lee Jones – Basic Chord Tool
12. Daniel Wang – Not Feeling It
13. Two Armadillos – Hawthorne’s Theme
14. Djinxx – The Foreigner
15. Aaron Carl – Oasis (Nick Holder Vocal Mix)
16. Mike ‘Agent X’ Clark – Let Your Love (Charles Spencer Remix)
17. The XX – VCR (Fourtet Remix)
18. Storm Queen – Look Right Through
19. Johnny Dynell – Jam Hot – (Tensnake Remix)
20. Tony Lionni – Found A Place
21. Catz ‘N Dogz – Kawa Z Gruntem feat. Pol_On
22. Foals – Olympic Airways (Chris Woodward Vox Remix)
23. Crystal Fighters – Follow (Diskjokke Remix)
24. Future Beat Investigators – Aeroflot (Deetron Remix)
25. Kreon – Jauce
26. Emmanuel Jal – Kuar (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
27. Solomun – Talk To The Hand

Thanks to I’mYouAre for the tip.


The Magician – Magic Tape Nine

23 Mar

The Magician is the other half of Belgian’s former duo Aeroplane, that ended up breaking up in 2010, before their first album came out. His bio claims he sounds Electro-Future-Disco-Pop and it’s basically it, nothing too complicated but nonetheless incredible.

Have a listen to The Magician’s Magic Tape Nine, launched earlier today:


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