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John Talabot – fin

9 Feb

Where the boundaries between Disco/House, Indie-Pop and Electronic music become fluid, comes John Talabot’s debut album for German dancefloor institution, Permanent Vacation. The Spanish native has followed a steady consistency since first appearing on the scene in 2009 with ‘My Old School’, followed by sought-after aces on Hivern Disc and Young Turks, his debut single “Matilda’s Dream” plus a stack of remixes for everyone from Teengirl Fantasy to The xx. His first LP, fin, is a distillation of his defined tastes, weaving nine tracks which could easily fit into any of the categories above, but essentially just do their own thing, very stylishly.

Have a listen to the two singles “So Will Be Now…” and “Destiny”, both featuring Madrid’s producer/singer Pional:

If you like it, I suggest the download of his latest mix for FACT magazine, with an atmospherically fluid and disco-kissed vibe here.



Art Department “The Drawing Board”

6 Jun

Kenny Glasgow and Johnny White despite being close friends and stalwarts in the Toronto electronic music scene for years, had not joined forces in the studio until only as recently as 2009, when Damian Lazarus called on them to remix Riz MC for his prestigious Crosstown Rebels Label. The result was an entirely new sound that drew cues from the best of both artists. It was a futuristic and raw, synth-driven, underground masterpiece, the start of a new idea and the birth of Art Department.

The latest album from the canadian deep house duo, The Drawing Board, features 11 tracks wich you can preview right here, right now. Enjoy:


Full Album Stream: Arctic Monkeys “Suck It And See”

30 May

No big secret that I’m a massive Arctic Monkeys fan. Suck It And See is their fourth album, released this past week and available on iTunes for purchase. I’ve been listening to this for hours and, honestly, I don’t know… I liked it a lot but maybe I’ve had enough of their style, maybe I like their punk side better than this slightly 80’s movies soundtrack’s commercial pop-rock. Makes me wonder if Matt Helders is still on the drums, which has always been one of the most unique characteristics of the band to me. The first released single “Brick By Brick” is def my favourite. While the album title song and most of the others like “Piledriver waltz” and “She’s Thunderstorms” are nice and calm ballads (for Arctic Monkeys style, of course), there’s still some dirty tunes: go for “Library Pictures” and check it out. While you’re there, see if you could agree with me that “All My Own Stunts” is the perfect synthesis of the band, shall you?

Great album, after all.

Enough with the chatting, let’s get ourselves into this… click on the image to listen to the full album on stream:


R.E.M. ‘Collapse Into Now’ in videos

20 Mar

R.E.M. has released their latest album “Collapse Into Now” on March 8. The whole CD has 15 songs and there are four videoclips specially made by new generation directors for the songs “Überlin”, “Oh My Heart”, “Mine Smell Like Honey” and “It Happened Today”, delivering quite what everyone expected from the new album. Enjoy:




Nicolas Jaar – Space Is Only Noise

14 Mar

Many producers have attempted to make electronic music soulful, meaningful, trully new. Some tried to bring it close to lounge music, some filled it up with vocals and housy beats, some made it disco and brought references way back from the funky start so they could find elements to make electronic music, musical. But none of them got to such an organic and natural level as Nicolas Jaar.

Nicolas has probably arrived at the right time: now the beats are slowing down and electronic music is finally comming close to its most romantic and authentic side. Born in Chile and raised in New York, the 21-year old producer has shown the world a true meaning of fresh and organic beats presenting something unique in the deep house music sphere, maybe out of simple ignorance of someone whose musical references came mostly from oustide the dancefloor. But that was probably what the industry was absent of someone who can turn tracks into songs.

In 2009 when his first EP came out powered by Wolf + Lamb, he has already compared to Ricardo Vilallobos, due to his origins and also to his natural musical feeling that makes his one of a kind deep house, acknowledged throughout the world. Also in 2010, perhaps during his midterms in Brown University where he finishes college, Jaar managed to release through his own label Clown And Sunset the digital EP “Ines” where we can find dance music on its most latent and introspective form, but still dance music. You can listen to his discography and fall in love here.

Now, Nico has just released through french label Circus Company his latest album “Space Is Only Noise” filled with subtil vocals, piano strings, claps and rough elements that can take you to other dimensions without pushing too hard (actually, without pushing at all). Jaar will promote the album on live tours and the first hill hit Fabric, London, on April 30th. Hope to make it there and tell you guys all about it.

Listen up:

You can also download the whole album here. Tanks to PCP for the link.

VIDEO Arctic Monkeys – Brick By Brick

4 Mar

First single from Arctic Monkey’s fourth album, due to 2011’s second half, “Brick By Brick” has misterious vocals wich are not Alex Turner’s, except for the chorus. The band’s first tour gig was announced last week, it will take place in August, during Sheffield’s (UK) summer.

Arctic Monkeys rule. There, I said it.


VIDEO The Strokes – Under Cover Of Darkness

2 Mar

Ladies and gentlemen, a Strokes classic: the band plays instruments almost unaware of the fact they’re doing it in a chosen location. Don’t you just love that? Me too. About the track, I must say I have my doubts about Casablancas holding a note during the whole song.  It makes me wanna punch him in the face. But the rest of the elements are structured, nothing new, so we can wait for a solid compilation, I suppose.

Now you give it a try:

Under Cover of Darkness is one of the main songs from Stroke’s new album “Angles”, out by the end of the month.

Thanks to NME.

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